Living at home: the good, the bad, and the funny

As a 23 year old, technically unemployed female who has been living at home for the first time in 5 years, I have found the good, the bad and the funny thus far in this adventure I’d like to call my “transitional” period.  A few of you may know that I am a big fan of lists. Now I’m not referring to grocery lists or lists of “Things to do”, considering I’m not the most “organized” lady. I’m referring to humorous lists, for example: a few years ago I wrote a short humor bulletin on myspace called “You know you’re from Vacaville when…” This list consisted of all the quirks one would relate to being a Vacaville resident. Needless to say, it took off, giving me what could have been my 15 minutes of myspace fame, had anyone known I wrote it.  Water under the bridge and back to the point; I’ve compiled two lists of the good and the bad of living back at home. Enjoy!

The Good (in no particular order of importance or greatness)

1.  Free food. A stocked fridge equals heaven in a twenty something’s life and a friday night at the throckmorton household means pizza from round table… no joke, every friday.

2. Spending time with family and friends. Whether its reconnecting with family or running into friends I haven’t seen in years, its always nice to see the people who’ve shaped my childhood. AAAWWWWW! 🙂

3. Having a pool in the middle of summer in Vacaville. For those of you who are not familiar with Vacaville, California in the summer just think, 100 degrees of dry, smokey heat.

4. Spending time with college friends. Going out in San Francisco and getting a ride home with an SF Police Officer who not only used his siren but gave us confiscated beer…  that has college written all over it!

5. Radio station 106.5 the buzz. Now this may not be relatable to most but picture this: 90’s music all the time! Its that guilty pleasure you drive around listening to and singing at the top of your lungs.

6. The Vacaville bars. Now I know most wouldn’t agree with this as a “goodie” but it was actually a toss up. Sure they may be stocked with people you’d rather avoid and its def not an every weekend occurrence, but hey, sometimes theres that one epic night thats so entertaining you dont mind going back once a month. Plus, and not to sound like a snob, but im going to sound like a snob;  it can also been seen as an ego booster.

7. Saving money. Enough said.

The BAD:

1. The HEAT! Sleeping, working out, walking and even just sitting still becomes a chore in this heat.

2.  Still not having a job in South Korea and running out of money (maybe ill install pay pal for extra funds my “readers want to send my way) Having budgeted until end of August, Im running out of my American funds and about to head into korean funds. Maybe its time to look for a job here… get me to korea!

3. Coming home to many of my peers married, pregnant, with child, or all of the above. This freaks me out. Don’t get me wrong, I think marriage and babies are an amazing thing! Good for you class of 2004! I can barely take care of myself at this point and having a smaller, needier, mini-me version of myself tagging along does not seem like my cup of tea.

4. The “run- ins” with people I’d rather avoid. It doesn’t matter who you are and how nice you are, there are always people that all of us would prefer to not see. This may be due to the avoidance of small talk or a tiff you may have encountered years ago, but either way, they always seem to pop up dont they?

5. The boredom. Having not a lot of friends or money usually equals boredom on my page.

6. Missing San Diego. Waking up every morning realizing I’m not 7 blocks from the beach is a real downer. Not seeing many of the friends that were my San Diego family is also a downer. I just realized how sad that was.

7. Not having a bicycle. Wasting gas is not my idea of a good time. Living at home equals no bicycle (horse)


Life is a changing! Taking the good, the bad, and the funny with whatever they bring!

my mama and I in San Francisco to see Wicked!

my mama and I in San Francisco to see Wicked!

Cousin Loren, me, Aunt Julie, Mama Robin

Cousin Loren, me, Aunt Julie, Mama Robin

Brit, me, Ayala and Mary with SFPD Eddie posing before our ride home

Brit, me, Ayala and Mary with SFPD Eddie posing before our ride home

on our car ride home. Use your Siren Eddie!

on our car ride home. Use your Siren Eddie!


3 thoughts on “Living at home: the good, the bad, and the funny

  1. I like your list. 🙂 I miss you! I’m going up to Nor Cal with Spencer at the end of September for his Dad’s birthday. If you’re still in the USA, I want to see you! I hope very much that you are still here and that you’re not at the same time…very strange.

    Keep on writing!!! I love reading about you and your life, even though I’m not your co-star/side kick anymore. Maybe one day I will be again. I love you!

  2. Hi there Amanda. I ran across your blog on-line while researching Geoje. I’ll be heading over from The States at the end of this month to teach in Geoje. Shoot me an e-mail if you see this. It’d be nice to know another American when I get there.

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