Teacha you easy

scene:  Friday 5pm, last class of the day.  A 45 minute class of about seven 13-year old boys who love talking about snipers, video games and could care less about the english word for grapes.  Bryan, Harry, and Kaka are tapping their feet and just as eager to start their weekend as I am, but the lesson must go on. 

The lesson is dealing with fruit. 

“Sally has a  tomato.  Danny puts his banana on the table.” etc etc.

After reading the lesson out loud in perfect english, I ask the boys to rewrite it in their notebooks.

Bryan: “AAAHHHHHH teacha nooooooooo!”

Amanda: “Come on boys this is easy,”

Bryan: “Teacha you easy, we hard.”

Wow. This year is going to be more entertaining than I thought.



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