Lost in translation

While shopping in Asia, one must be prepared to encounter American brands, logos, and even sayings that make absolutely no sense. Throughout my travels I’ve come across backwards Nike logos, Abercrombie and Titch, and countless mistakes that always cease to bring about a giggle. Most of this lost in translation clothing and signage is maybe worth a picture, and every once in a while,  $5.00. I can honestly say I spent the best $10.00 of my life this past weekend. While shopping in Busan for something practical like a coat or maybe a warm sweater or two; Mallary and I stumbled across the silliest/best purchase I’ve made thus far in Korea.  A sweatshirt or hoodie (whatever you kids are calling them these days)  containing America’s Pledge of Allegiance or what you make of it….

IMG_6622I PLEASURE ALLIGATOR to the FLOG of the United STALE of AMERICAN and to the REVOLUTION for which it stands, one nation INTENSE FOD, HEADQUARTERS, with America




Mallary and I sporting our American Pride




2 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. Amanda,
    Hi from The Ville. You are hilarious and I read with American “PLEASURE” each of your entries tonight. I can’t wait to read more adventures. You made me LOL.

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