The 10k

Mallary: “What are your plans for March 28?”

Me: “Umm thats my birthday actually, maybe camping…why?”

Mallary: “I’ve committed to running a 10k (6.2 miles) in Busan. You should join.”

Me: “Hmmm, not sure thats how I want to spend my 24th birthday but I’ll definitely consider it…”

After a little consideration I thought, and decided to join Mallary on a 10K marathon at the end of the month. Thinking of birthday’s past, I figured why the hell not do something thats more than just a marathon of drinking.

Signing up for the KNN online required the use of a Korean and 30,000 won for registration, which apparently includes my very own windbreaker. Having looked at the site myself, I knew I was going to have to ask Sunny my boss to help me through registration. When I confronted her, showing her the website, I almost immediately wished I hadn’t.

Sunny with wide eyes and a look of shock: “OOOOOOOH Amanda, you want to run this?”

Me: “Yes I do actually, I have about a month to get ready.”

Sunny: “OOOOOOOH we will come and make signs! I think you will win the race.” She immediately begins telling everyone in earshot of the marathon I will not only be running in, but also winning.

Me: ” UH, thanks for the support but don’t expect me to be leading the pack.”

Sunny: “You will win gold. We will come and cheer. Drive next to you when you run. You should wear NoBuYoung (my academy) flag.”

Me with forced laughter: “HA HA, yes very exciting…”

This may have been the day Kim Yun Ah won her gold for Korea so I”m gonna go ahead and assume Sunny was just a little too olympic excited and medal hungry.

Having gone about 4 months with no running whatsoever, I’ve just finished my first week of training and although I’m definitely not in full marathon shape, I believe I should handle the 10k.

I’m just taking it day at a time and trying not to let the pressure of winning gold for my boss hinder my performance in the race.

will these legs carry me to gold?


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