My first advertisement

About 2 weeks ago as I was getting off work and preparing to cram into a van with too many kids when my boss casually mentions, “Oh Amanda tomorrow is picture day. We will take pictures of you and Alex”

Having been photographed by my bosses on numerous occasions, I didn’t give her comment a second thought, jumped into the 9 seater van, nuzzled in between 13 Korean kids and mentally shut off teacher mode.  I’m no longer “Amoonda teacha” after 5:45pm

The next day rolls around and “Brian” took about 5-10 pictures of me smiling in front of the school’s mascot (a music note character). I smiled obediently with no care or question on why they were taking my photo. As a foreigner in Korea, I’ve become accustomed to hearing constant “Korean flattery” on how beautiful I am or how small my face is. This isn’t Korean obsession with me personally, its Korean obsession with western looks. As a white male or female, you’re features are looked upon as beautiful and envied by many Koreans. After a while the special feeling you receive when complimented seems to fade and you acknowledge the fact that you’re “beautiful” or “very handsome” because you are white. Having seen some of the most beautiful women here in Korea, any western person would laugh at this misconception of beauty.  I guess the grass will always appear greener on the other side, right?

So back to the point. Last week I was walking home when I stumbled upon this:

An advertisement for the school where I teach

Yes, thats a blonde baby draping an American flag over itself in what appears to be the happiest moment of its life.  And yours truly on the bottom right.

Country: U.S.A

Name: Amanda Paige

Education: San Diego State University

I can only imagine what the Korean says

I stood there in disbelief for a second then immediately lost it in complete laughter. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d end up as an advertisement. I grabbed my camera on hand and began to snap away pictures in hopes that no one was noticing the fact that I was taking pictures of myself. Not only was I an advertisement, I was also taking pictures of it. Only in Korea.

I’ve come to realize now that theres  also a huge banner of this advertisement on the school itself and the van that drives me home and around town ALL day. What a crazy little reality this job and life has become. I’ll keep you all updated on the release of the commercial.


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