Sandwich day

ham sandwich worksheet.

I walk into school on Tuesday morning with a smile plastered on my face. Wednesday is Children’s Day, aka no school for them or me.

“Oh good morning Amandaaaa, very happy today.” My boss Sunny greets as I unplug the ipod that serves as a mental warmup on my walk to work everyday.

“You are smiling. The weather is nice” She always notices my good mood when the sun is out.

“Yes, it is a very nice day.” I voice agreement although my mood  is due to having the next day off.

“Today is picnic day? Are we making sandwiches?” I recall a brief mention of this in passing as I ran out the door Monday evening.

“Oh yes, each class we will make sandwich with them and you will enjoy together.” Sunny instructs very vaguely.

“Ok, sounds good.” I say, still unaware of what that really means.

I go about my first two classes like normal. Jane and Sally run through the halls and repeat everything I say, pretending to understand. At least they’re speaking english, right?

After lunch I prep for the all day sandwich making.

Ingredients: Ham, bread, cucumber, tomato, cheese and jam (yes thats right, jam)

I laugh when Sunny mentions jam.

“Oh yes, the Korean teachers think the kids will like it sweet” she offers

“Ok, bring on the jam.”

As the kids pour in, I am informed that I will be conducting the sandwich making class with all the students each period. The Korean teachers will “prep” and refill the food… Or just chit chat and run to slice some bread as I turn out about 30 ham sandwiches each hour.

I am given a pink apron and a microphone, like my very own infomercial.

5 hours later and 100ish ham, jam sandwiches later I am dead tired and well deserving of the next day off.

“What goes on your sandwich? Ham? Yes. Cheese? Yes. Jam, if you like…”

I hope the kids enjoyed their ham, jam sandwiches because where I come from, there is no Children’s Day. And if you ask any parent why ,their “clever” response will almost always be “Because every day is Children’s Day.

me in all my glory, describing what goes on a sandwich


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