Monsoon season

cute umbrella- too bad its worthless during rainy season

Monsoon season has arrived in Korea.  Being spoiled by California weather for most of my life, I was not ready for the wet, humid, gross slap in the face, they like to call rainy season.  It has been raining almost non stop, for the last 3 days and although I was warned,  I don’t think I could have prepared myself for what has become reality.

Umbrellas become somewhat pointless due to the wind blowing rain sideways, under your umbrella, up from the ground and straight into your face.  After they do a terrible job of keeping you dry, they turn   themselves backwards and SNAP into an even more useless nuisance.

Rain boots or “wellies” don’t even seem to do their one purpose; keep your feet dry.  Due to the hot, humid temperature outside, pants are non-existent and shorts have made a mad dash as the major staple in my wardrobe this summer.  With rain coming every which way and puddles the size of small lakes,  my feet haven’t been able to maintain the dry,warm, sanctuary they love and deserve.

I walked into work today looking as if I had either climbed out of a swamp or given birth on my walk to school.  Hot, sweaty, windblown and wet.

Lord only knows how Koreans are used to this.

“OOOOH sexy red lips today” my boss Sunny notices, ignoring the rest of my haggard look.

I drop my bag, umbrella, and slide off my rain boots, ignoring her attempt at a compliment.  I should probably start walking to work in my bathing suit; since that’s the only time it will get any use this summer.


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