Mud Fest 2010: The new definition of a messy weekend

sarah, adam and myself squirting some Avatars

“Damn, that was a messy weekend”

– I’m sure many of you have  said this once or twice in your lives. Last weekend gave me a new definition of what level a messy weekend could actually entail.

Boryeong Mud Festival is one of the most amazingly bizarre festivals  in Korea each summer.  Held at Daecheon beach in Boryeong, Korea the festival radiated such an amazing, positive energy that it felt impossible to not have the time of your life.

A massive beach area with concerts, mud slides, mud wrestling, fireworks and mud filled obstacles, Boryeong Mud Festival has become the most drawn to festival by foreigners.

They even have colored mud to which I intelligently shouted at every painted person “AVATAR!” or “BRAVEHEART”- then shot them with my squirt gun.  What can I say? I was on a high.

The mud at the festival is not contaminated by foul water so many makeup products are actually used from it. If I had been aware of this last weekend, I definitely would have spent less time mud wrestling strangers to the floor and more time exfoliating my pours.

the messiness cannot even be depicted in this

Upon learning of the festival before my arrival to Korea, I definitely inquired, but no one could really express its magic. You have to be there and experience the sea of muddy bodies, booze, slides, and crazy energy. The best part of it is once you’ve had your share of mud thrown in your face by strangers walking past, you can jump in the ocean and experience another first in Korea; water with waves!

My group of 20 plus fellow islanders rented a pension and 2 vans for the weekend. 2 nights and 1 muddy day has left us all bug bitten, tired and somewhat exuberant.

Although last weekend was definitely  fantastic, its not one my body could handle for 2 weeks in a row. Boryeong Mud Festival runs from July 17-July 25 so for those of you who have not experienced this muddy debauchery, it should  be on your Korea To-Do list.

check it out:


One thought on “Mud Fest 2010: The new definition of a messy weekend

  1. Hi! I was searching online for reviews of hagwons in Korea, and I happened upon your blog (which is very entertaining, by the way!). I was just wondering how you found your job, and what your advice would be for someone considering work with either an Avalon or Topia language school. Any help would be appreciated!

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