And here comes the reflection

So as you can see my commitment to the blogging has somewhat dwindled over the past months. This will no longer be the case as I am back in action and hopefully full of stories for my devoted 5 readers.

My year in Korea ended approximately 22 hours ago when I jumped on a midnight bus from Geoje to Seoul and onto a plane. It wasn’t quite as smooth as I make it sound but the details are quite blurry, sleepy and a bit sad.

Korea has been a year of new challenges, old issues and as always, amazing people. As I stood in the middle of a drunken group hug at our local convience store and hangout “Buy the Way” I resisted the emotional goodbyes. The crying came later on the bus and for the first time since Korea encountered my voice or the  “rocks in a blender” I was not told to shut the hell up.

Although I can say Korea is not my favorite place, it has provided me with more self-reliance, confidence, amazing friends, and definitely some financial stability. It has also provided me with extensive liver damage that is irreversible.

The roller coaster of emotions I’ve been riding has begun to mellow out. I will definitely miss the people who made my Korea an amazing year, I will also miss the following:

the money

ding dong buttons at restaurants


my scooter

Cheap booze

convenient hikes

some of my little kids

cheap meat

and sad to say, even Noreabang


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