Buckets, body paint and lights, lights lights at Half Moon

This is the way to enjoy the beaches of Ko Phagnan. My only bother is the shade that seems to be creeping up.

Morning after the Half Moon Party- Ko Phagnan

As my eyes open, my head starts to pound. Where am I? Ouch. My surroundings- a dank wet Thai bathroom at my 2,000 baht ($6.00)  a night hotel. Why am I laying on the ground? Its wet and I had hit my head, knocking myself out. I’m now covered in diry thai bathroom floor  and tacky neon body paint  Not the nicest of places to get sick. Not really remembering the fall I pick myself off the wet ground and collect myself before walking back to the room. Sick in Thailand again. What is it from?  I start to think and remember a sketchy sausage and spring roll I had consumed at the Half Moon Party. Yuck. Yuck to the food and yuck to this all too familiar feeling. I had almost made it out of Thailand. 1 more day and I was home free from spending a day in the toilet.

The food outside the festival. Looked amazing at the time... at the time

As I walk in the hot, small room. The dirty bed and fan look like heaven right at that moment. I crawl in, trying not to wake up my travel companion, Lauren. I begin to snicker a bit at the happenings of the all famous Half Moon Party in the jungle on Ko Phagnan island.  Definitely an experience but definitely not my scene. I begin to picture neon lights, buckets of sweet, gross, liqour and redbull, trance music bumps in my head. Not the usual party I’d find myself at but a good time non the less.

Ko Phagnan is the island in Thailand famous for its monthly Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon parties. Words from a few locals seem to favor the Half Moon party because there is less people and better music. Makes sense.

i asked for the 3 tackiest arm bands. I hadn't yet seen the American Flag and Bald eagle.

Lauren says "I like turtles"

neon hat, anyone?

"Let's party" oh yeah man!

It’s crazy to see this beautiful island where they’re main economic support comes from these parties they hold every month. The island has been able to push up prices from everything to transport around the island, motorbike rental and  accommodation.

A view of Hat Yao on the southwest side of the island

Hat Rin is where the Full Moon Party takes place. The water is surprisingly still beautiful in parts

Ko Phagnan is a beautiful island with turquoise waters and jungle clad mountains yet their main attraction are these parties. I may go out on a whim and say that from my experience, they may be a bit overrated.  Sorry to offend you, glow stick twirling ravers but what I saw from the Half Moon was a bunch of overprices sweet drinks, chaos and douche bags.  If I wanted to spend my vacation like this I could just attend a frat party at SDSU, I’m just saying…

While I don’t regret the 500 baht I paid to attend this jungle rave I would just like to point out the fact that this island is amazing on its own. You don’t see thousands of people flocking there each month for the beaches and waterfalls but I do think they are under appreciated and overlooked.

Like many places in Thailand, the beauty has become a second attraction and the parties have taken first priority.

Lauren enjoying the sunset in our pool at Haad Guard Resort


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