Happy Birthday LADY GAGA and me…

Lady Gaga and I have the same birthday; same day, same year. Same, same. Ellen DeGeneres broke the news to me on Friday, via Twitter. Apparently, she’ll be baking a cake for Gaga’s 25th.

As I type in the computer room of my parent’s house on an ironing board I’ve converted into a desk, I can’t help but compare Lady Gaga and I. (obviously)

Here we are, Gaga and I, both turning twenty-five. Quarter of a century.Gaga has a couple of Grammys, a few hit albums, some catchy songs and millions of  fans.  I mean, she’s Lady Gaga. She can crawl out of an egg, douse herself in blood, rock meat dresses and people will still buy her albums. She’s an artist. She’ll  be celebrating her big two-five at the Staples Center in LA.

I will be turning twenty-five unemployed and living with my parents. Things could be worse, I could be turning thirty, unemployed, living with my parents.

Comparing myself with Gaga is silly, I know. She was born with talent and I was born, well, I was born this way 😉

Being born this way has had its benefits. I’ve done some traveling, exploring and have connected with people all around the world. While my birthday twin Gaga is connecting with millions of people through music, I’ve made bonds with hundreds, personally.

Lady Gaga with fans in Japan

A few of my "fans" in India

Gaga has millions of fans who know her music and I have around 700 Facebook friends who know me.

Gaga sings on National Television while I sing to 10 friends in a Karaoke bar in South Korea. You can have the world stage Gaga, they’re not ready for this rocks in a blender voice.

Lady Gags on American Idol

Singing to my boss in my America sweatshirt

I will be able to travel, inspire, and explore different cultures in a way that Gaga will never be able to. She will never have the luxury of living her life as a normal person, only a superstar. (poor Gaga)

So Happy Birthday to Lady Gaga and myself. While she will be celebrating with thousands of people, publicly, I’ll be celebrating by personally “liking” all my Facebook birthday comments.

Here's to 25 years young!


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