The Isla Palenque Island intern: why I am the right choice

My dream job is in sight and I can almost grab it. I usually just fantasize about getting paid to  travel, write, and share my experiences with the world. Amble Resorts has created an internship that I cannot stop thinking about. The Resort at Isla Palenque will be hiring one person or duo to live on the island in Panama this summer, experience all the amazing things the island has to offer and write blogs about it. Umm, hello? PERFECT!

The only way this opportunity would be any better is if they’d hire me to do this permanently. My last gig consisted of me living on an island in South Korea. I love the island life and I think Isla Palenque will be a bit warmer.

All those competing for the internship are required to create a video on why they should become Isla Palenque’s island intern, post it to youtube and promote yourself to gain votes and views.

10 finalists will be selected on April 12:

1 based on youtube views

4 with the most votes on Isla Palenque’s website

5 will be hand picked by a panel of experts:

The second phase of the contest consists of a skype interview and a writing assignment (Deadline April 25). This is where I plan to dazzle my interviewers with my shining personality and writing ability.

I am competing with around 100 amazingly talented  and eager people. For those of you have been watching the contest, I think we can all agree that there are more than a dozen solid choices.  Let me tell you why I stand out among the rest:

Experience in the Hotel world

I am lucky enough to have been part of Se San Diego’s opening team 2 years ago. I was in there months before the opening walking around the property in my hard hat and beginning to understand all the work that goes into opening a luxury hotel. I was 5 star service trained and as part of the front desk team, I conducted tours of the entire hotel. As a Se Experience Consultant I was your first impression of Se San Diego. I will be a perfect ambassador for Amble Resorts and will easily guide clientele with poise and a sense of humor.

Here I am with my fellow Se Experience Consultants

Se San Diego lobby

A huge global network

My youtube video is being viewed all over the world. Through my independent travels I have collected a wide, diverse, network. Views have flooded in from: U.S.A, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, India, Argentina, Ecuador,  Canada, and South Africa. I have the tools and network to expand Amble Resort’s audience.

Networking with students in Delhi, India

I have already learned so much

Since my journey to become Isla Palenque’s island intern has begun, I have been introduced to some really amazing people with a great messages worth sharing.  I have always been a huge promoter of eco-tourism but haven’t shared my message with the world the way I should.  I have always been involved with non profits that benefit people. Through my work with The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and The Aja Project:, I have connected with Refugees from all over the world. Working with people is amazing but I now know I need to expand my work and focus on saving the earth we all live on. The Experts judging the contestants all have great messages to share and in my attempt to network, I have learned a lot about what I can do to promote eco-tourism and create awareness. I have also stepped up my social networking game, expanded my knowledge, and am learning better marketing strategies every day.

Aja Project student art show 2008

The passion

I eat, drink, and sleep this internship. I am online all day, everyday, promoting myself, and learning how I can better promote travel,and sustainability. I may not have 3,000 views or 3,000 votes but my network is real people from all over the world. I have made my social presence  known via Twitter, Facebook, and even got a shout out from my online travel writing school MatadorU:

I have attended a “Leave no Trace” workshop: to gain ideas on how to promote outdoor ethics and teach the world to cut down on our carbon footprint.

I want to use this internship to promote a company in which I admire and want to see succeed. I have experienced  firsthand how hard it is to open a Hotel in today’s economy and I want to help Amble Resorts. I have bright ideas for eco-friendly activities and just need the opportunity to share them.

This internship will provide me with the tools to promote myself as a travel writer, eco-tourism advocate, and independent woman traveler.

Check me out and click the “thumbs up” to vote:

Check out Isla Palenque:


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