Sex and the City? Where?

New York City is a beast of a city. The tiny island of Manhattan is the playground for those who enjoy the chaos of this fast paced, culturally diverse, and beautifully dirty, concrete jungle. The in-your-face, constant movement is appealing and stimulating. The city seems to have ADD and refuses to take Adderall.

Beautiful parks, diverse neighborhoods, museums, shopping, and thousands of things to do; NYC is not lacking in personality.  What it is lacking in is… umm, maybe I should ask Carrie Bradshaw. Where are all the men? Did Carrie and the other ladies of “Sex and the City” successfully sleep with and date all the men in Manhattan?

Let me be specific. NYC is not lacking in the gay, taken, douchey, or creepy foreigner, man department. Where are all the single, straight, normal, men? Brooklyn? I dont get it.  Who are the women in Manhattan dating and where are they meeting them?

I know it cannot be at the bars.  My encounters with men at the bars have been as follows: a pushy foreigner  who took my phone, called his, and has had a constant one-way, texting relationship with himself for the past two weeks. No answer means I’m not interested, that is not a cultural difference. Another encounter last night with a guy led me to actually apologize in advance for using a cheesy clique. “You’re barking up the wrong tree buddy”. His persistence continued so I actually had to say, “I’d rather drink alone.” My favorite of all happened last week:

guy: “Hey do you know how to play chess?”

me: “Umm, I use to play on the computer about 10 years ago, I’d need a refresher though.”

guy: “Conversation over”

Dang, there goes that. He could have been the one.

Do people meet on subways? Everyone looks miserable on the subways but that doesn’t stop people from constantly sizing one another up. Ipod in, miserable face on, eyes open, check. The best is when eye contact is made with someone while either party is doing the scoping. It’s like a silent “Oh Haaaaay”. Do people ever pursue or do they watch their soul mate walk off the train at W 4th?

When polling the ladies of New York on where they meet men I’ve had a few different answers and non of them have been very exciting. “Through friends, online, through work,” or “not in Manhattan.”

Hmm… interesting. It seems the ladies of ‘Sex and the City’ were spinning lies.


3 thoughts on “Sex and the City? Where?

  1. Perhaps TV land is just not real life. Be careful Amanda there are a lot of creepy/ dangerous men out there. I would recommend a church, work, or friend of a friend meet and greet. Good luck out there! ps your truck is getting a little dusty and could use a wash…..

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