A look into the love and life of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Wooster St, Soho, New York City

“Hey kid, you just get off school?” A pleasant ginger at the steps of 76 Wooster St in the Soho district of New York City greeted me.  I smiled and dug through my backpack and nicely corrected, “Off work, yes. I just got off work.” Can’t blame the guy. I do have a face of an 20 year-old, and what 25 year-old woman wears a grungy green backpack to work? Pulling out $5.00 to throw in the donation box I peeked up at the large sign hanging above me. “IMAGINE PEACE love john & yoko”

76 Wooster St is like many others in the neighborhood, a building of history. Most famously, the building is rumored to have been one of Andy Warhol’s reclusive hideaway spots.

Today it’s housing the exhibit of John Lennon’s personal artwork. From October 7-10th you can peruse, and purchase Lennon’s art depicting him as a husband, father, political activist, and lastly, a musician.  While Yoko Ono has all the originals, you can purchase hand printed copies of all these lithographs, serigraphs, and copper etchings ranging from $200 up to $21,000. Naturally, no one was approaching me and my grungy green backpack, in hopes I’d be buying… nonetheless the staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and seemed eager to talk John Lennon and The Beatles.

This romantic exhibit and peak into John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s love story is a “Visual tribute for John Lennon’s 71st birthday.” The no frills space entertaining the event is perfect for Lennon’s simple, to the point, tribute to his wife Yoko, and son, Sean. Mostly hand sketched, the drawings chronicle Yoko and John’s life together. From simple black and white sketches of their faces and Lennon’s infamous smirk, to full on, almost pornographic images of their sex life (all of which were imagined by Lennon) the exhibit is a look into Lennon’s prolific and romantic sides.

Walking through the exhibit, listening to Beatles and Lennon tunes, you get a great sense of the man. His love for Yoko, his political stance, and refreshingly, his humor; has you leaving inspired and feeling like a child of the 60’s.

The patrons exploring the exhibit were just as entertaining. I stopped to people watch as they appreciated, commented, or searched. A girl in a Beatles shirt and her boyfriend who resembled a young John Lennon lingered  in the “Erotic” section.. The woman who was getting her hair done next door, clearly had money, and asked about prices of the pieces instead of appreciating them. A Euro trash couple speeding through and making obvious comments. She wore a fur vest and he had bobby pins holding his bleached hair out of his eyes… An older lady, a true Beatles fan, who was there to check out the newest released piece, “On Cloud Nine” which depicts Yoko and John with a guitar, sitting on a cloud. The only sketch where you’ll find John’s guitar. Everyone there was on their own agenda.

I propose bringing your lover a long for the journey so you can make puppy eyes and bask in the romance John has visually portrayed. On the other hand you may leave pouting and demanding your partner start drawing their feelings.

This free exhibit recommends a $2.00 donation that will help benefit Citymeals-on-wheels  and if you donate $10.00 you get a free poster. If you’re in NYC this weekend stop in for a look into John and Yoko’a intimate life together.


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