10 Reasons Having No Cell Phone Doesn’t Suck

Having no cell phone is annoying anywhere but in New York City it seems nearly impossible.  Since the smart phone has gone from a privilege to the standard, we cannot function without it.  We use our phones to plan, record, and run every aspect of our lives. From finding the nearest subway station, to returning our parent’s phone calls via text, life before the smart phone seems unimaginable.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, my iPhone, aka my appendage is gone and I am phoneless until otherwise noted.  I am forced back into caveman days of making and keeping plans, showing up on time, reading actual maps and corresponding via email.  Throw New York City into the mix and I’ve presented myself with quite the challenge.

Since my arrival in New York City about 10 months ago, I’ve been smart phoneless and phoneless altogether. I believe it can not only be done, but also, enjoyable.

Here are 10 reasons why I think going phoneless doesn’t suck:


  1. You don’t have all your social networking sites at your fingertips. This means, less time wasted on Facebook and more face-to-face time with those physically around you.
  2. You are forced to make plans ahead of time and actually keep them. No bailing last minute on Happy Hour with friends because you don’t feel like taking the train from Brooklyn all the way back into Manhattan.
  3. Your spelling will improve. You’ll no longer be able to blame your nonsense emails on your iPhone and autocorrect.
  4. Perhaps you’ll read a book on the subway instead of playing Angry Birds. Don’t worry; I don’t see these birds going away anytime soon.
  5. You may learn how to read a map! I know HopStop usually plans out your every move but when in need, a good map can also be your friend.
  6. You’ll enjoy a meal with friends. Nothing is more annoying then sitting at table where everyone is checking their phones the entire time.
  7. It’s all about you. It’s a nice break to be out of touch for a while. You can contact others yet you’re unreachable.
  8. You will find out who really wants to get a hold of you. When you have no phone and someone gets in touch, they’re either a great friend or a stalker.
  9. The Internet can wait until you get home. When you’re out for the day, be out.  I understand you need to know what the little kid from Jerry McGuire ‘s real name is but if it’s that important (Jonathon Lipnicki), you’ll remember to look it up when you get to a computer.
  10.   It feels like you’re traveling.  Untying yourself from your network for a while helps you explore a little more, appreciate your surroundings and gives you a healthy sense of being alone.





3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Having No Cell Phone Doesn’t Suck

  1. Bravo Bravo! Awesome piece. You have definitely given people guidelines for a more healthy, primitive, and proactive live stile. However, my long distance friend like you mention before the “appendage” or as I call it, the third eye, will hypnotize humanity for millenniums until we realize that we are living on a matrix control by who knows what.

    Q: Is that picture taken in Asia?

    • A: Rene! So happy to hear from you. Yes the picture is taken in 4,000 Islands, Laos. Beautiful, amazing, place.

  2. Possibly the wisest blog post I’ve ever read. This coming from a phoneless 13 year old. Thanks for letting me know not everyone is phone-obsessed!

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